The Me Do It Stage. Is it Ironic or Is It Just Me?

We’re in a “Me do it” stage around my house. When you’re 2 1/2 years old, suddenly, you feel capable of everything. And crazy things suddenly seem like a good idea. At the tender age of 2 years old, you suddenly feel fully capable of so much like….

  • Going down stairs while holding 25 legos seems like a good idea.
  • Jumping on the picnic table outside while no one is paying attention seems smart.
  • Eating ants.

At two, it seems like my little guy thinks that he is the boss, and fully capable of…well, everything. Except, the irony is that they aren’t capable of anything you want them to be capable of like…

  • Eating a meal that is comprised of something other than mac and cheese (or its white carby equivalent)
  • Being slightly interested in potty training.
  • Keeping themselves from bodily harm.
  • Putting their shoes on.
  • Putting their sunglasses on right side up.
  • Putting any item of clothing on themselves. The right way.
  • Walking when you need them to. (Like when you thought, “We don’t need the stroller this time. He always wants to walk everywhere now”)
  • Holding an object without hurling it at a sibling.
  • Understanding when you tell them no ice cream is not an appropriate breakfast.
  • Watching something other than the most annoying children’s show.
  • Drinking or eating anything without spilling.
  • Keeping utensils, plates, or cups on the table.
  • Understanding that the sun was not put in his line of vision to torture him.
  • Eating something new.
  • Learning not to scream like a banshee in public.
  • Sharing.


Here he is in Yellowstone National park crying because I wouldn’t let him climb on sharp jagged rocks next to a cliff. Poor little guy.

Obviously, we’re going through a little rough patch. I love that little guy so much. But, when he tells me things like “I have hard day” I can’t help but laugh and think, “You have no idea, kid” Maybe two year olds just love the irony of it all?


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Hi! I'm Meredith- Mom to three, wannabe writer, recovering perfectionist, and an avid blogger writing about the perfect and not-so-perfect moments in motherhood. Glad you're here. :)


  1. Karen says

    ROFL! I think my son is one day older than your Chandler, and you just nailed a day in the life of a two and a half year old perfectly! I think we can check off every item on your list. Thank you once again for sharing the love, frustration and joy that is parenting.

  2. says

    OMG! I’m laughing so hard! Your list is so right on!! I’m Thankfully out of the twos but head strong into the threes…and what is with the upside down sunglasses thing!?! I’m so glad it isn’t just my kids that did that :)
    Megan Lisica recently posted…Smile for Mommy…please?My Profile

    • says

      I know! I can’t figure out why the sunglasses are such a difficult thing to figure out. Oh well. I’m glad we don’t remember being two. 😉 BTW, thank you so much for the guest post Saturday. It was awesome! Hope you had a nice trip.

  3. says

    Love the photo! Poor little guy.

    My almost two year old does much of this – the needing to be carried everywhere bit is what is currently driving me a bit bonkers. She has mastered putting on shoes though! We’re pretty huge on shoes at the moment. And boots. And slippers. Any footwear really…
    Louise recently posted…Sing it Mama!My Profile

  4. says

    As the mother of a two year old I just have to say. Yup.

    I’d just like to add to your list:

    Remembering that she can’t actually buckle herself in, no matter how long she tries. So probably we don’t have to have a screaming fit about “I DO IT!” every time we get in the car followed by yelling that “IT TOO HARD!”
    Jessie recently posted…Dear Brain,My Profile

  5. says

    That’s a great list. My youngest was funny though because instead of the ‘I do it’ phase, he never left the ‘you do it’ one. He only had to smile at his big sisters and they would do anything for him. In fact at the age of five and a half he still asks me to get him dressed on a morning and then moans when I tell him no chance matey.
    Nicola Young recently posted…The Day She Dropped a Gluten Free Loaf on her Toe and Almost Ended Up In CasualtyMy Profile


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