If First Time Mom Me and Current Me Met.

First Time Mom Me and Current Me

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I’ve changed a lot in almost 9 years of being a parent. But, if First Time Mom Me and current Me met, it might go something like this: (Knock on the door.) 1 Kid Me: Um. Hi. Uuhh. Sorry to bother […]

Perfect Enough.

Try Being Perfect At Something. Not Everything.

As a child, I don’t remember ever thinking I had to be “perfect”, I just knew I had to please people. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well in school, be a good friend, make good choices, and oh boy, if anyone was ever mad at me….that was life shattering. In […]

How to Keep An Indoor Orchid Alive For a Year Or More

Follow this simple trick to keep your indoor orchids alive for longer!

I don’t really have a green thumb. I try. I really do, but frequently kill living breathing things. Thankfully, not my kids. So, when I discovered the secret to keeping an Orchid plant alive, I pretty much brag about it to anyone that looks my direction. Me: “Did you know I kept my orchid plant […]

Customize Art For Your Home: Modify Ink Review

Modify Ink Review Customizable Art Work for Your Home!

*Product was received in exchange for this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own.  When I went to the Build Your Blog Conference back in February, I met the amazing people behind Modify Ink. I was blown away by their concept, and by their beautiful art display. I needed to know more. I’m not […]

15 Spring Kids Crafts

15 Spring Crafts for Kids! SO many easy ideas I would actually do.

I LOVE Spring. I always say fall is my favorite, but then when Spring gets here, I think it must be a tie. And, there is something so magical about being able to send your kids outside to play finally after winter is over. YAY for peace and quiet (well for the most part). Since […]

The Important Notification You Might Be Missing

What's Most Important is What is Happening Right Inside Our Homes. Inside the Hearts of Our Little People.

I heard a story once in church about a teenage girl visiting her family’s house for a family party. Her phone was about to die, so she plugged it in, in another room. She went back to the other side of the house to visit with a room full of cousins. The house was noisy, and there were […]

20 Murphy’s Laws For Moms

murphy's Laws for moms

Yesterday, I had an UBER productive day. Washed the car. Cleaned the bathrooms. Mopped the floors. Which means, that in true Murphy’s Law fashion, I woke up in a major funk this morning, and think I will lay around the house all day and “forget” to shower. There are just a few things that you […]

Play Group. Only the Strong Will Survive.


Once upon a time, I had a playgroup with 20 children at my house. True story. It was the best of times, but in reality, it was the worst of times. I learned a valuable lesson: 20 children in one space should only happen when there is serious structure to the event and with people […]

4 Reasons Why Mommy Pacts are Better Than Mommy Wars (And a Giveaway!)


I don’t have too many people guest post these days, but recently, I read an article titled, “Why I’m not Raising a Good Girl” by Galit Breen and loved it. Just a day or so later, an email popped up in my inbox asking me if I wanted to help her promote her book, Kindness […]