10 Reasons Parents are Always Late

10 Reasons Parents are Always Late

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!When I was a kid, my Mom seemed hell-bent on making sure I was late to everything that I ever wanted to be on time for, every day of my life, always. What can I say? I was an annoying, punctual […]

5 Things to Look Forward to When Your Youngest Stops Napping

5 Things to Look Forward to When Naps are Over for good! A funny look at no longer having a napper in the house!

This post originally appeared on Scary Mommy.   You never know how pampered you are, until you have to step into the shoes of someone less fortunate than you. I recently did that when my youngest gave up naps. Just 3 months ago, I stepped into the shoes of all the mothers in the world […]

Top 20 Reasons Parents Want to Eat Their Young

20 Reasons Parents Want To Eat Their Young.

Since I became a parent, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve exclaimed things like, “I could just eat her little leg” or “I just want to eat his face off!” because my kids are doing things that make me want to eat them with a spoon. My husband might think I’m totally off […]

The Easiest Way to Cook Quinoa (In The Microwave)

The Easiest Way to Cook Quinoa. You can do it in the microwave in 20 minutes!

I love tips and tricks in the kitchen. With three little kids under my feet, I like to cook healthy meals, but sometimes it’s such a challenge. Well, last night, my husband was helping me, and we wanted to make rice and quinoa for dinner. So, I was surprised when he cooked up the quinoa […]

I Read Past My Bedtime Free Printable

I Read Past My Bedtime 2

Do you ever just see something and know you had to have it? I was on Instagram a week or so ago, and one of my sweet friends posted a picture of her daughter reading. And next to her bed was this cute sign that was so simple. It said, “I Read Past My Bedtime” […]

What I Love You Really Means

What I love You Really Means When You're a Mom

He smiled at me across the counter as he crinkled his nose, and squinted his eyes in his coy three year old way that he always does. I said, “I love you” while we were doing something we do every morning. Trying to get him to eat his breakfast. It was the boring old song […]

If First Time Mom Me and Current Me Met.

First Time Mom Me and Current Me

I’ve changed a lot in almost 9 years of being a parent. But, if First Time Mom Me and current Me met, it might go something like this: (Knock on the door.) 1 Kid Me: Um. Hi. Uuhh. Sorry to bother you, but did you know your child was playing outside by himself? In the front […]

Perfect Enough.

Try Being Perfect At Something. Not Everything.

As a child, I don’t remember ever thinking I had to be “perfect”, I just knew I had to please people. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well in school, be a good friend, make good choices, and oh boy, if anyone was ever mad at me….that was life shattering. In […]

How to Keep An Indoor Orchid Alive For a Year Or More

Follow this simple trick to keep your indoor orchids alive for longer!

I don’t really have a green thumb. I try. I really do, but frequently kill living breathing things. Thankfully, not my kids. So, when I discovered the secret to keeping an Orchid plant alive, I pretty much brag about it to anyone that looks my direction. Me: “Did you know I kept my orchid plant […]

Customize Art For Your Home: Modify Ink Review

Modify Ink Review Customizable Art Work for Your Home!

*Product was received in exchange for this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own.  When I went to the Build Your Blog Conference back in February, I met the amazing people behind Modify Ink. I was blown away by their concept, and by their beautiful art display. I needed to know more. I’m not […]