Easy DIY “Hoppy” Easter Bunny Tails Sign
2nd April 2014

Uh oh. I did another craft. I don’t know why I get these little urges to craft, but when they come, I HAVE to document them. Even if they are mediocre at best.

And, the thing is I refuse to take my three kids to a craft store when I get these urges so I have to get SUPER creative with stuff I already have on hand. I realized that I have very few Easter decorations when I pulled out a whole 2 banners I bought last year on clearance, and a bag of half broken and mis-matched plastic eggs. So, be very impressed when you see the finished product, mmmkay?

I present….

Easy Hoppy Easter Bunny Tails Sign


Here are the supplies I had around that I used:

  • 7 popsicle sticks
  • Chalkboard paint
  • plastic easter egg halves
  • washi tape
  • cottonballs
  • Leftover piece of my baseboard

Not bad huh? I used a glue gun for the whole project and I let the kiddos help too! I’ve been trying to do less blogging and spend more time with them these days. We did this project in just an hour or so. Pretty easy.

First, I added the washi tape along the bottom of the baseboard where the groove is. Next, we painted the popsicle sticks with my chalkboard paint.



While those were drying, we glued on our cotton balls to the smaller less pointy half of the eggs. My daughter really liked using the glue gun! Once the popsicle sticks dried, I just cut them in half and glued one on top of the other to create the bunny ears! Next we applied a tiny bit of hot glue to an edge of the easter egg as seen below. You don’t need much.



Then, we put the egg on the bunny ears! Once the bunnies were all assembled, we glued the bunny ears to the baseboard.

Hoppy Easter Bunny Tails Sign with Eggs and Popsicle Sticks


Then, we wrote, “Hoppy Easter” on the sign in our colorful chalk! That’s it! Super quick project, and zero dollars spent. What do you think?

Hoppy Easter Bunny Tails Sign


If you don’t have a piece of baseboard lying around, you could do this with ANY old board you do have. I was just lucky to already have a baseboard piece that wasn’t too big and was already painted white! This would also be fun to put hangers on the back and actually hang it on the wall. Are you doing any special Easter crafts with your kids this year? I think we might do another one that they can do all by themselves this week. We’re on spring break and having fun being together.

And, do me a favor….pin this one, whether you plan to do it or not?? “Hoppy” Easter!

Easy Hoppy Easter Bunny Tails Sign



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7 comments on “Easy DIY “Hoppy” Easter Bunny Tails Sign

  1. Margaret Scalf

    Meredith, this is really clever! Don’t have any children or grandchildren at home but I think I will just make it for your uncle and me! Thanks for sharing…..you are doing a great job! You see, you aren’t just helping young moms, your helping grandmoms too!


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