Getting Out of My Own Head. The Reasons I Write.

In some ways, I felt like that nerdy girl in middle school (because I totally was that girl) that got invited to the popular girl’s party. When Emily from Girl Always Interrupted asked me if I wanted to participate in a blog tour with her and some other awesome mom bloggers that have written books and stuff, I was floored. Me? Of course, I said yes faster than a wallflower getting asked to dance at the school dance.

3980770If you don’t know Emily, then you are missing out. She has been featured everywhere you want to be featured, Freshly Pressed, and on Scary Mommy a few times. So, of course, she’s pretty amazing, and her writing doesn’t disappoint. Her post 15 Things Experienced Moms Really Want to Say to New Moms is so spot on, it made me want to be her best friend.

I love hearing why other bloggers write, and her post is so similar to how I feel about writing. But, it’s her posts like What to Expect When You Expect Goodnight makes you feel like you aren’t the only parent that feels a little crazy sometimes. In other words, she’s real and normal, and awesome.

I hope you’ll check out her blog, because trust me, you don’t want to miss out.

Now, on to her questions….

Why do I write?

This question has no simple answer for me. I write for my therapy. I write because it makes me happy. I write because I feel physically compelled to do so. I write to stop time. In fact, I’ve written a lot about why I write in the past. But, when I REALLY analyze it, I think I write because I just need it. I need it like I need that diet coke in the middle of the day to make it through the remaining long hours until bedtime. I write because it helps me feel less stuck in my own freaking head.


I write, because frankly, I’m a better mom when I’m over-analyzing my life in words.

What does my writing process look like?

I was never a “writer” per se growing up. I was hit and miss on journaling, but I was an avid reader. So, I like to tell myself I was studying writing for 30 years before I decided to actually start writing in 2007. However, I could whip out a paper in high school and college in minutes it seemed and get an A on it every time. So it was always in there, but I didn’t realize the compulsion for it until I became a stay at home mom. Now my writing process is mostly off the cuff, and a little rushed.


I have ideas and I jot them down, and 50% of them are crap when I finally get around to writing them. I love to write in the heat of an incident with my children, but I’ve learned in 7 years that those initial feelings aren’t always what I want to preserve on paper forever. Sometimes it is the more reflective feelings after the fact that have true, deep meaning that I want to cherish.

Why am I different than other writers?

This is hard for me to answer because sometimes I just feel so damn insignificant. But, the thing I’ve heard over and over from my readers is that they can really relate to what I write. The good, the bad, the funny, and definitely the ugly. I like to think that I’m unique because I’m not afraid to share my insecurities, and my flaws, and the uglier sides of parenting. But, I ALWAYS reflect and try to learn from my own writing in the hopes that it will help someone else learn too.

What am I working on?

I’m assuming that this question is supposed to point to my upcoming job as a HuffPost editor, or my secret novel that is going to be published this fall. But, since those two only exist in my fantasy world, I’ll say I’m working on blogging in a more relaxed way. I used to feel the pressure to blog every day, but now I’m working on letting things stew and simmer so that I can write good quality stuff.  I will say that I’m thrilled to be published on Scary Mommy next month! And, I’m always working on trying not to be so yell-y with my kids and finding time to engage with them more. That’s my most important job.

Who’s next?

Jen Groeber from Mama Art

img_4502-e1380574178587Jen started popping up a  while back and commenting on my blog, and when I finally got around to checking hers out (sorry it took me so long, Jen!), I was hooked. I have a confession. I am a skimmer. Sometimes I don’t read every word of blog posts, but her blog is one of those that I like to read every. single. word. Her writing captivates me, and sends me back into her childhood effortlessly.

You must read her post, My Mother’s Letters which got her Freshly Pressed (along with this one…yep, she’s been FP’d twice) But some of my favorite posts are about her relationship with her mentally retarded brother, Butchie, which will make you wish you had a brother like hers. Those posts tug at my heart and make me love her even more.

But, she’s also an amazing mom who had 4 kids in 3 years (crazy, right?), and manages to write about it in a way that is laugh out loud funny while also being thoughtful. I love her post, I Don’t Like 7-Year-Old Boys and Other Zen Thoughts. Doesn’t that title make you want to click over? It should. Jen, I’m so glad that you’re up next week. I can’t wait to hear what makes you want to write.



Hi! I'm Meredith- Mom to three, wannabe writer, recovering perfectionist, and an avid blogger writing about the perfect and not-so-perfect moments in motherhood. Glad you're here. :)


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    I’m glad you write. I remember the very first one I ever read of yours was about the wording in craigslist adds. I was laughing so hard my husband had to ask me what was going on. Then he came over and laughed too.

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