Chevron Peer Pressure. Don’t Give In.
16th October 2013

There is something about “trends” that I steer away from. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used self-restraint when it comes to the ever popular, everywhere on pinterest explosion that is the chevron pattern. Let’s face it. It’s everywhere. And, I will proudly admit that I had not a single item in my entire house with the Chevron pattern on it. Until last night.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love this pattern. It is on my wallpaper for this blog, for one. When it first started exploding in popularity, I kind of felt “eh” about it. Chevron? Eh. It’s just a fancy word for what I’ve always called zig zag. Who cares.  But, then I got sucked into the craze and fell in love. Yet, I didn’t buy a single thing in that pattern. It is almost like I secretly rebel against being cool and trendy. But, inside, I’m craving all of it. Every last zig zag…. I mean Chevron item I can lay my hands on.

Aside from one shirt in my closet that could technically be called Chevron that I never wear because it hugs the mama pooch a little too tightly, I don’t own a single thing in Chevron. No pillows, scarves, throws, no cute painted cup. Nothing.

I remember recently I went into a thrift shop close to my house. Everything in there was adorable. And, my eye caught a sleek, vintage-y yellow and white zig zag chevron table. *Actually, I did a little research, and there is a difference between zig zag and chevron for you die hard pattern enthusiasts. I still say, Meh. Close enough. Anyway, I couldn’t help but ask the owner, “Did you paint this? It’s SO cute.” She replied, “Yes, but painting chevron is not for the weak.” or something like that. I sensed some bitterness in her voice. I couldn’t quite understand it. It’s just a zig zag I thought. How hard can it be? 

Well, last night, I was at a church activity for the 12-18 year old girls. They were painting pumpkins. We had more than were necessary, so somewhere around the end, I decided I would paint one real quick. Now, this is where things start to get a little sketchy. I couldn’t think of anything to do. So, I started out simple. I looked at a couple of pictures someone had printed off of pinterest. And, I got to work. White vertical stripes. I finished that, and thought, now what? It just looked too plain. Someone suggested, “I know! Why don’t you do a chevron pattern in the white stripe. In turquoise.”

I flashed back to the bitter thrift store owner. How hard could it be? Do I dare? I only have about 15 minutes. It’s just a pumpkin. What am I so afraid of?

I grabbed an angled brush, confidently dipped it into the paint, and had visions of having the cutest, trendiest pumpkin on the block. I mean, chevron. I’ve wanted it so badly. And, with just a few strokes, I can have it. My pumpkin will be the talk of the universe. It will get pinned like 212 times. I will be crafty.

And, then I painted the first zig zag. I mean, chevron. It was cute…ish.

But, there was no turning back. I had to do it really quick, and I had already committed. “really quick” and crafts are kind of my thing. But, the problem is, “really quick” and crafts usually mean one thing….UGLY.

But, it’s like I was in chevron peer pressure universe.

“Oh it will be so cute!”

“Oooh, I LOOVE Chevron!”

“No, it looks cute. I swear!”

“You could always drop it off on someone else’s porch.”

I should have known better. Two successful craft projects in one month? Mission Impossible. It was supposed to be adorable and be the envy of everyone on the block. You know, look something like one of these:

pumpkins done last


DIY Chevron Pumpkins from My Sweet Savannah

At least in my head it was supposed to look like that. You mean I’m supposed to tape and measure? Oooooh. I see.  Instead, it turned out a little something like this.


I especially love how I watermarked this photo. For fear of it being stolen and all.

There was debate as to whether the lines should be skinny in between, or all the same width. And, frankly, my heart couldn’t take it. So, I did the best I could, OK?


Upon closer inspection, I’m really not sure whether it is a zig zag or chevron. I’m leaning toward zig zag. I think for now, I’ll just say one of the kids did it. I can relate to the bitterness in that thrift store owner’s voice. Poor lady.


Have you ever had a Pinterest/DIY fail? Please tell me you have.





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25 comments on “Chevron Peer Pressure. Don’t Give In.

  1. Rayna

    Ok…you seriously need to get off Pinterest. Nothing good comes from being on there. And really…there is a difference between zig zag and chevron? I thought this blog was going to be about the gas station. I never even heard of chevron. LOL! By the way…uh…sort of nice pumpkin? LOLOLOL!!! Your skills are not in painting pumpkins…stick to blogging. HAHAHA!!!

  2. K.C. Wise

    See, that’s why I stay away from the Pinterests. Too much group-think goin’ on up in there! Decorating (and cooking, frankly) should be an expression of individuality, not a cacophony of “ohhh I saw that on that one website!”

    That being said, I loved this post. Also… is your background Chevron or zigzag??

  3. Emily Thomas

    Hilarious!! Yes. Just say one of the kids did it.
    I too am anti-trendy. It took me YEARS to stop thinking capri pants weren’t really ugly. Now that they are probably on their way out, I love them. I hope to go to my grave without ever owning a pair of skinny jeans, however. You have to draw the line somewhere.

    1. Meredith Post author

      hahaha! I just went to Target today and tried on like 5 pairs of skinny jeans. They are not cute. Unless you are indeed…skinny! :)

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  5. Ashley @ Sorry Kid Your Mom Doesn't Play Well W Others

    I have a chevron painted “rug” which is actually a drop cloth that was cut pretty hainously and then sewn even worse. I can’t even talk about the chevron-esque pattern. My hack job makes the pumpkin look professional, it sits upon the two year old washing machine that you tube made me fully believe I could repair on my own,( which I can’t) in the garage for the past 10 months. I am almost tempted not to put my name at the top of this comment, because I get embarassed when people point and laugh….

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  8. Susan Maccarelli

    HAHAHA! This is great! I have had my eye on a Chevron bag that is way to expensive for me to ever buy and I would look like a little unstylish gnome with a super cool bag if I did have it. I love those pumpkins too. I was inspired to turn my white pumpkin into a snowman since it hung around until Christmas with no rotting, but it was a complete mess. I am done with pumpkin painting — maybe I will just put a picture of those cool chevron pumpkins on my porch next year.
    Susan Maccarelli recently posted…22 Humorous Writing Prompts For BloggersMy Profile

  9. Amanda

    Hysterical! My best “Pinterest fail” was making these Vampire Fang cookies for a group of toddlers – because toddlers obviously care about the SHAPE and CUTENESS of a cookie, right?
    They are so cute and so simple-looking, right? As if making homemade sugar cookies from scratch wasn’t enough, an even more horrendous burst of perfectionism led me to use whole wheat flour to make the sugar cookie base and BEET JUICE (yes, I said BEET JUICE) instead of food coloring to color the lips. After reading your post and laughing heartily, I’m actually really disappointed I don’t have photography of the outcome. Bravo! I love your version of chevron. Much more “real.”

    1. Meredith Post author

      hahaha! Yes, you TOTALLY should have taken a picture! I would have loved to see it. And, beet juice??? SO funny! Thanks for stopping by!


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